We use http://speed.apg.ooo to check for network issues between your end and our servers.

This tool is accurate and gives us information of where you might have a problem if you have buffering/freezing issues.

*This guide is for Startup Show/ApolloGroup TV app

As you open Startup Show/ApolloGroup TV app, you will have menu.

Go to the profile section (a picture of a man-red circle in the picture )

Then as you open that section you will see info about your account.

Then as you scroll down, you will see a button

"Launch speed test"

As you click it, our http://speed.apg.ooo will start to run.

Give it a minute to finish.

It will run A nearby server test, and Live and Vod test as well.

Once its done, and you still experience issue, please take a screenshot of that, and send us via [email protected]

Don't blur any info, since we need it to see whats going on.