Discord.ApolloGroup.tv Before you begin Click here to join our discord chat group where we post our maintenance schedules and live reports of any issues we are experiencing in real time.  To report a channel that is down please do so via our Discord chat for faster response.

when experiencing issues watching or having with audio or video please start by following the below troubleshooting steps.

1. Ensure that you’re using minimum required hardware. For firesticks, a minimum 4k firestick is required but a Firestick 4k max is recommended for best experience
Any android box must have h.265 codec (we do not recommend using any low quality Android boxes or those older than 3 years)

Apple devices must have a minimum Apple OS 14

2. Try switching players in the settings menu of the app.
(ApolloGroup tv and Startup Show app only)

Both of these apps have 2 video players. Some content works best with EXO player and some works best with VLC player. When experiencing issues, start by switching players. 

a) From the main menu of the app scroll down to the bottom left corner icon settings menu ⚙️ 

b) Scroll down and select [player settings] menu

c) Click to the right and change the player from EXO to VLC or vice versa from VLC to EXO.

-You can change both the LIVE TV player and VOD (video on demand) player and then try watching your content again.

This step can help when experiencing buffering or audio or video issues such as no sound issue, sound out of sync, only hearing background sounds, video not starting, distorted video, no color, movies and tv shows stopping or not starting or no video and/or hearing only sound.

Some devices run in to some issues when using a particular player, thus the ability to change between players.

Usually this helps when one experiences issues with video and audio out of sync.

-Try to play your content again or go to the next step 3 below.

3.Clear your device cache and force closing the app and then try again. 

-Devices such as firesticks are great devices but they require regular maintenance to perform at their best. Delete any unused to apps in order to ensure that ample storage is available on the firestick. 

To clear the cache on your firestick:

-Start up your Firestick and begin at the main menu.

-Scroll to the right and find the Settings menu

-Select Applications 

-Select Manage Installed Applications

-You will now see a list of the installed applications on your firestick

-Scroll down and select the app your having issues with.

-Select Clear Cache. (Click Yes to clear cache if prompted)

-Select Force Close

-Feel free to clear cache and force close any other apps. Delete any apps you no longer use to increase storage space.

For any other devices use google or YouTube search : "How do I clear cache on __________ " 

3. Reset/unplug your device for 1 minute and then try again after rebooting the device.

-leave the device unplugged for 1 minute before plugging it back in to the power outlet.

4. Make sure your using the latest app version available for your device. You may need to delete and reinstall the app.

 -Visit https://faq.apollogroup.tv and then select your device from the list of supported devices for step by step installation guides on how to update/reinstall the app.

5. See our VPN guide (click here -> VPN infomation)

6. If the problem persists after completing all of the above steps open up a support ticket or email us at https://[email protected] 

-Important: Be sure to let us know the following information when emailing us for faster service.
a) What Device are you using? ( 4k firestick, iPad Air , iphone 15, android box (brand/name, etc).

b) What device generation are you using? (Found in the devices settings > about > menu)

c) What app are you using?

d) what app version number are you using? (Found in the apps settings menu ⚙️)

e) what content are you having trouble with? (Movies, tv shows, or live tv specifically)

f) do you get any error? (What error specifically)


Click on Profile at the bottom left Then change the Player Type based on the content you want to switch (LiveTV or VOD)

Mobile: you can see it under "More" setting at the bottom part:

These are the default, but if you run to any issue, you can always change it back