Sometimes you may experience buffering due to insufficient bandwidth, and sometimes a bug in the system.

To experience the apollogroup as smooth as possible don't use Wifi nor any type of extended system, for best result use Wire Ethernet Cable only to your device.

  1. Log out of the app

  2. If possible on your device (eg Fire stick, Android TV) clear the app cache and storage.

  3. Turn off your device

  4. Turn off your router and leave for one minute

  5. Turn back on, Login & try to load the content.

If the problem persists please do the following:

When running speed tests, for more accurate and realistic results, run the tests on the device you're using to stream.

i.e if you're using Android Box, you should open its' browser and check there, not on your phone.

Please enter our speed test tool. And test it on the device you're using to stream!!

Our speedtest is divided into 3 sections:

First sectionInfo about your connection. Your IP address, your Internet Service Provider, and country.

Second section: This section is the actual speed tests, which is divided into 3 main tests.
First test - CloudFront is a speedtest from a CDN of amazon (to emulate local speedtest - 1 connection)

Second test - Apollo Live is the server you are playing live streaming from, based on your location.

Third test - Apollo VOD is the server you are playing VOD content from, again this is based on your location.

*The servers you're testing with, are the servers you're streaming from, this will show an accurate picture on how your network can handle Apollo Group service.

Third section: The results, here we will post our recommendation for you based on the speed results you received.

*Speed-test of APOLLO LIVE & VOD are limited to 50Mbit.

Please be aware that you must get minimum of 20Mbit bandwidth in order to experience our service at it's best.

MPORTANT: There are certain situations where you will receive 20Mbit/s or higher and still experience issues.  

These situations will require usage of our recommended VPNs.  Please see below for more information.

Please use a VPN as a resolution to any buffering/freezing that you may experience.
Internet service providers are throttling and slowing down connections to our servers which leads to buffering and freezing issues you may experience. This isn’t something that can be fixed from our end and can happen at anytime even if it worked perfectly for you without a VPN in the past. You can rest assured that it is our mission to provide you with the best service available and we continuously keep our servers in tip top shape to ensure all our customers receive only the best

Commonly Asked Questions:
Q: What is a VPN?
A: A VPN disguises your internet network from your internet provider in order to stop them from seeing what you use your internet for and how you choose to use your internet.
Q: I called my internet provider and they told me that they do not throttle my internet or slow down my speeds?
A: we can assure you that after providing support for many customers we can determine that internet providers do not like to advertise or admit to their customers that they throttle their speeds. After connecting a VPN the issue almost magically disappears which clearly displays that the internet provider is throttling the speed.
Q:But my HULU, Amazon, Netflix accounts work just fine without buffering?
A: This is specific to our servers and a VPN is the only solution to stop your internet provider from slowing down your speeds when using our service.
Q: What VPN’s do you recommend?
A: Our Recommended VPN providers are
-Nord VPN

-Surkshark VPN 

-(DON'T use Express VPN, it doesn't work with their VPN) 

Q: How can I install a VPN?
A: Visit our recommended VPN provider’s website for detailed installation instructions guides for all of your devices.
Additional how-to installation videos are available on YouTube.
Q: I’m already using a VPN and still experiencing issues.
A: Not all VPN providers are created equal. Please choose a VPN from our recommended VPN providers listed above. If you are already using one of our recommended VPN providers and still experiencing buffering, please try changing the server location within the VPN.
Suggested VPN server locations are
You will need to test multiple server locations in order to find the best one for your location.

See your VPN providers website for information on how to switch locations on the VPN.

How to run speedtest (Apollogroup app, Startup show app)

How to run Speedtest

If you're getting speeds higher than 20Mbit, tried vpn but still having difficulties, please take a screenshot of the the whole screen of our speedtest and contact us with the screenshot, at [email protected].