We offer four different subscription options for Apollo Group TV

Important! Price increase February 1 2021.

New pricing began on February 1 and is listed below:
 1  month    = 24.99 USD
 3  months  = 51.99 USD
 6  months  = 89.99 USD
12 months  = 159.99 USD

NOTE: All prices are in USD

-CryptoCurrency (Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin)

Sorry we no longer accept Paypal


We do NOT offer any discounts  

All packages have the same amount of connections/ip.

Packages can NOT be modified to receive a discount for less connections.

Beware of scammers posing to be our service and websites with similar spelling.   
Only pay using the information provided at our checkout.  

We do not provide payment addresses via email. 

You can choose your subscription and purchase here