Every account has a limitation on the maximum amount that can be purchased.

This type of balance is referred as credit.

Once you get your account (level 1 account) you’ll be limited  to max sum of purchases, of 50$.

Meaning, if 1 year subscription cost over 50$, you wont be able to make such purchase. Since your ceiling is 50$, you wont be able to place order of higher value.

Trials account last for 48 hours from the moment they created. Each month you’ll be limited to the amount of trial accounts your account allows.

For example if your account allows you to create 80 trial accounts, and you created them all in 1 day. After those 2 days(48h) all these accounts will be invalid, but you won’t be able to create any trial account anymore, you’ll have to wait for 1 month, till you can create new trial account.

You can always upgrade your account level by contacting us.

EMAIL: [email protected] , Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/G0ribhGHBSCGMhjPQBSeAw

We’ll review your account and if we see fit, your account will be upgraded.