Follow this guide in order to upload subtitles to our system.

This only works with Kodi, but once uploaded via Kodi subtitles will be available on any platform that supports Subtitles, including Startup Show, Tivimate and many more apps.

Few things to know first;

  • You can use our Subtitle Plugin only if you’re an active user of ApolloGroup, the Subtitle Plugin will only work with our addon

  • Subtitles language will be based on your Subtitle settings in Kodi: ‘Kodi > Settings > Player Settings > Language > Download Services > “Language to Download Subtitles for”‘ – You can choose multiple Languages!

  • If the subtitle isn’t fit in terms of timing, and you set offset in your subtitle, DO NOT UPLOAD that subtitle. Since our system can’t use that offset system platform-wise!

  • If you abuse our system in a bad way, our Admin has every right to terminate your account without a refund!
  • By being upload you accept these terms.

First, we’ll install the Subtitle Plugin.

Go to add-ons, then click on the box

  1. Go to “Install from repository” > then Apollo Group Repo > Subtitles > and install “Apollo Subs”.

  2. Once it’s installed right click the “Apollo Subs” and go to Settings

  3. Enable “Upload Sync Subtitles”

  4. Once you start watching, click on the Subtitles icon at the bottom, then click on Download.
    If the subtitle is set to ENABLED, then it means there’s already a subtitle for this movie for your current language. In that case, you’ll see the subtitle name “Apollo Sub”
    Otherwise, when you click on Download, you’ll see a list of all the subtitles.

  5. Wait a couple of seconds till our server pulls all the subtitles with high enough ranking from OpenSubtitles.
    Choose the subtitle you think will fit (my suggestion is to start from the top since its based on rating).

  6. Now best would be to skip to the middle part and watch for 30-60 seconds.
    Then a pop-up will come up, asking if the subtitle is synced with the current media.
    If the subtitle is right, and the timing is right too (very important about timing!) then you can go ahead and click on YES.

And then it will ask you again to double verify, if you’re 100% sure, then click YES again, and then the subtitle will get into our system.

And it will be available on every platform using that language.