We do NOT accept Movie requests.

We do NOT provide Adult channels.

We do NOT accept channel requests at the moment.

We do NOT accept Sports VOD requests or offer support for it at this time.

Sports VOD is a beta feature and it is automatically updated upon availability of sources. 

Sports VOD beta won't always be up to date.


We only accept TV show via our [email protected] email address only.

*TV Shows requests must meet our minimum IMDB rating and vote requirements found below.
*You MUST use the search function BEFORE requesting anything to see if we already have it in the system.

*All New Tv Show Requests will be answered within 10 days time

TV Shows Requests: (Limited to 3 requests per user)

TV Show MUST hold an IMDb rating above 7.and a minimum of 10,000 (10k) votes on https://www.imdb.com

Shows that do not meet both of the above rating and minimum vote  requirements will not be considered. 

Follow these steps to request a TV show:

1. Visit https://www.imdb.com

2. Search IMDB for your TV show and ensure that it has a minimum 7.0 rating or higher and additionally that it has more than the required minimum 10,000 votes.  

If the TV show has a rating of 7.0 but has less than 10000 votes it will not be added so please don't send us a request.

3. If your request meets BOTH of the requirements, email us your request at request@apollogroup.tv and include the IMDB link to that particular show.  Make sure to include the IMDb link in your email in order for your request to be considered.

*Requests sent to other emails or requests that do not meet both of the above requirements will be ignored/deleted.

Do Not email us regarding when a new episode of an existing tv show will be added into our database. Episodes will be added when available. Episodes are automatically uploaded within 24-48 hours of airing when sources become available.

Email request@apollogroup.tv only if 10 days have past without the latest episode being available and we will further look into it.

Example request rating and votes: 

(7.3 is the rating & 111,933 is the number of votes)

Movie Requests:

We do NOT accept movie requests.
Movies are added automatically when they are released in Blu-ray & based on their IMDB rating. Do not send requests for movies.

NOTE: You may see TV shows and Movies that have lower ratings and votes that already exist in the system.  

These are automatically added by the system however ALL requests must still meet the above requirements for consideration.