We accept requests to add tv shows and channels via our REQUEST@APOLLOGROUP.TV email address only.
Channels and Tv Shows requests have a minimum rating and vote requirement found below.
*You must use the search function before requesting anything!

*Any request will be answered within 10 days time

Request channels only from US, Canada, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, and UK stations.

Email us your request at request@apollogroup.tv

* When requesting US-Local channels, only ABC/CBS/FOX/NBC are allowed to request.

* We do NOT provide adult section, this is a family service.

TV Shows (Limited to 3 request for user)

To request for a TV Show to be added the show must hold a IMDb rating higher than 6.5, and have more than 6,000 votes on https://www.imdb.com

Follow these steps to request a TV show:

1. Visit https://www.imdb.com

2. Check that your requested TV show has a minimum 6.5 rating or higher and additionally that it has more than 6,000 votes.


(7.3 is the rating & 111,933 is the number of votes)

3. Email us your request at request@apollogroup.tv and include the IMDB link to that particular show, or click here Please comment here

*Requests sent to other emails or that do not meet above requirements will be ignored.


We do NOT accept movie requests.
Movies are added automatically when they are released in Blu-ray & based on their IMDB rating.