New pricing began on February 1 2021
 1  month     = 24.99 USD
 3  months  = 51.99 USD
 6  months  = 89.99 USD
12 months  = 159.99 USD (best value)

Please see instructions on how to subscribe below.

1.To subscribe go to our website



We recommend using Chrome Browser or Incognito Mode if you experience any issues.

We recommend using CHROME BROWSER in INCOGNITO MODE to renew

Disregard HOLD ORDERS.  We do NOT auto charge. HOLD ORDERS will automatically delete after a few days.

Try placing a new order in Chrome Browser in Incognito Mode if you receive an error while renewing

2.Once you're on our website, select the subscription period you want to buy 1, 3, 6, or 12 months and then click the  "Subscribe now" button.


3. You will be taken to our CHECKOUT page.

Fill out the billing details form using a valid Name and Email address.

Important! Use a VALID email address that you own and that is easily accessible to you. 

This is the email address you will receive your login username and password.

This email address will also be used for your login credentials for all apps.

This email address can NOT be changed afterwards so make sure to use a valid email address you wish to use for the entire duration of your subscription.

*Double-check that the email address is spelt correctly before clicking CONTINUE button.  

4.You will then be taken to the REVIEW and PAYMENT tab

Choose your preferred payment method and click SIGN UP NOW button

Note: PAYPAL is no longer available.

*NOTE: If you get an error. INVALID PAYMENT METHOD. Please refresh your browser and try again. 

If you still have issues please repeat the above steps again using chrome browser or incognito mode.

5.You will be taken to the SECURE CHECKOUT payment affiliate page.

Fill out the form and complete the captcha then select the PAY button

4.Once you have paid, your account will be activated in a few short minutes up to 1 hour.  

You will receive login details via the email address you signed up with. Please check your junk email and spam email folders if you don't receive the email.

IMPORTANT: If AFTER 1 hour you do not receive login credentials, please email us at for additional assistance.

We will email you back as soon as possible.  Please do NOT send multiple emails. 

Email us from the account email address you signed up with and provide ALL of the following information.

1. Your email address in our service

2. Order number

3. Transaction ID #

4.  Full name and the 4 last digits on the credit card.

If you placed an order BUT you didn't make a payment and were not charged, you can ignore hold orders in your myaccount. We do NOT auto charge and will never take payment.  

You must pay manually yourself every time you wish to subscribe or renew. 

Hold orders are removed automatically after a few days.

Option 2 - Bitcoin
Click sign up now

When you select pay order in bitcoin in our website you will get 2 parameters:

1. Amount to send - You need to send the EXACT amount (Your exchanges fees are not included in the amount. fee are usually less then 0.5 USD)

IMPORTANT:  If you do not include the fee your account will NOT be automatically activated by the system and you will need to send the remainder and then wait for admin (approximately 24 hours) to manually update your account.

2. Wallet address to send - Bitcoin wallet address to send amount.

Once you send the exact amount to wallet address, your order will be confirm in 10 minutes. 

Please see how to send bitcoin from CoinBase

-To RENEW your account please click link below

How do I renew my subscription?