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Select the subscription period you want buy clicking "Subscribe now"

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You have two options to pay

Option 1 - Credit Card Payment
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1.Once choosing Credit Card option, you will need to wait for an email from us which usually takes 5 minutes. 

2.NOTE: refresh your email inbox and check your spam and junk mail if you didn't receive an email after 5 minutes

3.In this email you will receive an invoice to pay your bill, please follow the instructions to pay your invoice.

4.Once paid, your account will be activated in a few short minutes.

Option 2 - Bitcoin
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When you select pay order in bitcoin in our website you will get 2 parameters:

1. Amount to send - You need to send the EXACT amount (fee not included in amount. fee are less then 0.5 USD)

2. Wallet address to send - Bitcoin wallet address to send amount.

Once you send the exact amount to wallet address, your order will be confirm in 10 minutes. 

Please see how to send bitcoin from CoinBase