This guide will show you how to use Duplex IPTV with our service.

Follow these simple steps:

*This App doesn't support EPG with the current setup.

1. Go to the Store and search for Duplex IPTV

*For Samsung users, if you unable to see the app, you might need to change your Store Location. (Click here to see how)

2. Open the app. As soon as you open the app, you will see "Device ID" and "Device Key"

Write these both down on piece of paper.

(The Numbers and Letters are only 0-9 and A-F, so if you see the letter "O" for example, it means the number "Zero", not the letter "O")

3. Open your browser (can be on your mobile/PC device) doesn't have to be on your TV, and go to their site:

4. Enter your Device ID & Device Key (that you wrote down from step 2), and fill in the info.

Click on "I'm not a robot" as well, then once you filled both your ID & Key, press on Manage Playlists.

(Make sure to include the colon in between the numbers and characters, exactly as it shows on step 2).

You might need to fill in Captcha too.

5. Once you're inside, it will give you 2 options on the left, click on "Add Playlist"

6. Fill in the info.

Playlist Name: The name of the playlist you will see in the App

Playlist URL:

And click on "I'm not a robot", then click on Save.

7. Your playlist will appear now in your browser.

8. Go back to your App on the TV, and click on Back (to close the small window of Device ID)

Then the app should refresh, and you'll see your playlist Named Apollo there.

*If you don't see it there, Click again on Refresh at the bottom of the app.

*If you still don't see it, it means you have entered wrong device ID or Key, please click in the app on "Add Playlist" to see the     Device ID and Key again, and make sure you login on their site with the right ID and Key.

You can click on the Category and enjoy your LiveTV.

In case you want to add movies and TV Shows there, please follow this guide to add VOD playlist URL: