PS4 uses PLEX media server, you will need a laptop/desktop to run the server from.

  1. Make sure Plex is runningLook in the System Tray (at the far bottom, next to the clock)

  2.  Right mouse click the Plex icon, and select “Open Plug-ins Folder”

  3. A window will open and display your Plex plugins folder. There will probably be a file named Services.bundle already

  4. To install ApolloGroup TV Plugin, Download first the plugin:

  5. Then unzip the file or just drag-and-drop or copy and paste “APOLLO.bundle” (its content) into plugin folder.
    All Plex Plugins end with “.bundle” but most are distributed as “.zip” files, so make sure to unzip it first.

  6. 5. Now restart Plex, Once that done the plugin will instantly show under your plugins.

  7. Open the Plugins section of Plex and you’ll see the newly installed plugin.

  8. Enter your ApolloGroup account’s Email & Password to access Apollo Group TV service

  9. 7. Then scroll a bit down and check “Enable manual program guide reload”, then click “SAVE”.

    You can now reload your EPG from the Main Apollo App section :

  10. Now switch on your PS4 and download Plex app

  11. Follow the on screen instructions to link the plex app to your server.

    Once logged into Plex on your playstation go to plugins & enjoy