Some ISPs from Europe and North America are trying to block our service by sending you to a mirrored website which basically means from your end its made to look like there is an issue when you press play.

To avoid it, just change your DNS, preferably in your router, to one of the following;

Google DNS: or
Cloudflare DNS: or

If you are unable to change it in your router, you’ll have to change it in your device that you’re using to stream our content.

If you don’t know how, it’s very simple to follow via Google, just Google your device with DNS change added to the search. i.e: “Windows 10 change DNS” “Fire stick change DNS”.

Is there any harm by doing that?
No, not at all.

On the contrary, it will make you browse the web faster since Google’s and Cloudflare’s DNS are way more optimised than your ISP’s DNS servers.